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Developing better tomorrows

About AO Tech

Our award-winning team pride themselves on developing better tomorrows for both our customers and our people. We make the most of new and emerging technologies by being at the forefront of innovation. Our teams keep their finger on the pulse for the latest tech and trends. We’re always up for developing our skills, honing our craft and collaborating so that every customer’s journey is the best it can possibly be.


Team Culture

Our Tech Stack

When it comes to technology – we’re open, bold and choosy. Technology moves fast, but we move faster. Even with older languages and frameworks we find we’re only really limited by our imaginations. We don’t straggle in adopting a new technology, but we’re not magpies either – we don’ try everything that’s new, just for the sake of it.

Our People

We use what works best, we’re informal and constantly evolving. We encourage lean/agile principles, but teams choose their own processes and technologies. They are closest to the problems they’re solving and can make best decisions. We trust you enough to seek guidance and to make the right choices at the right time. If it doesn’t work out, it’s just a lesson learnt for next time.

Emily – Business Analyst

“I love that when you come into work, you don’t just come in to do your job, you’re part of a community who help support and develop what means the most to you”

Luke – Software Development Team Lead

“It’s a fresh and evolving company to work for and the building environment is great for breakfast collaboration.”

Karam – Software Developer

“As a graduate you not only want to be surrounded by talented colleagues to learn from, but also have fun whilst doing so. Working at AO has given me exactly that!”

Sarah – Front-End Developer

“It’s a fantastic place to work as I’m surrounded by so many talented colleagues with such a wide variety of skills. We have a genuinely supportive atmosphere which is a great place to learn in.”

Our ways of working

The perks of AO Tech

As well as our benefits package, these are some of the perks in AO Tech.

  • Sharing the smarts

    Our regular show & tell sessions are streamed to our multiple locations. This is a chance for our people to talk about; a book they've r...ead, a new tool/technique, some work they've done. The choice is yours, it's public speaking in a safe space.
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  • Library

    Love reading? So do we! We have our own library, if you've seen something which interests you, we can order in a copy. Just add it to the li...brary when you've done.Read More

  • Mental Health First Aid

    We have over 40 mental health first aiders (as well as traditional first aiders) so if you need to talk, we have people who will listen and you.
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  • IT Scrums

    Our weekly IT scrum is a great way to find out what's been going on in the past week. We always stream it, so if you're at home that day you... can join in too!) we talk about the highs and not so highs during the past 7 days.Read More

  • Take the AO experience

    We think it's important that our people learn how AO works since we are spread across multiple sites in the UK and Europe. From website to w...arehouse you can experience the end to end of a customer's journey. Spend the day with our delivery drivers and meet our customers.Read More

  • Hack days

    We run regular hack days so you can explore and test out new technologies or your own radical ideas.