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AO’s Tom and his experience as a Front End Developer

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My name is Tom and I work at as a front-end developer. We have a reputation for embracing new technology here, which gives us an advantage; we are free to think in new ways. We’re of the belief that it’s well worth investing time to learn about the new libraries and frameworks so we can deliver a better end product for the customer – which for us, is all about their experience.

When we’re not developing projects, we focus on developing our skills. We have workshops, competitive challenges within the team and we’re given the time to look at tutorial sites like Pluralsight.

One of the key projects to come out of our amazing team is the Help Me Choose tool. It can be found on our homepage, and was rolled out across various category pages following its success. The tool was created to help educate the customer with difficult purchases – it’s a great feeling to know we’ve made such a difference. What’s even better, is that our work got recognised and tweeted about by Smashing Magazine!

Check out the IT Department, where Tom works

The data centre

Our Data Centre was installed to host all our systems at AO. We have a plethora of bespoke systems made with the customer in mind that we support.

JavaScript wallpaper

We celebrate our geniality for our work through the decor in the offices. Having fun isn’t tomfoolery it’s genuinely enjoying what you do and the people you get to work with every

The Why Room

IT has 4 themed rooms where you can meet and have some privacy. All our meeting rooms come with walls that you can write on making it easier to discuss idea’s together.

The Northern Quarter

This Northern Quarter themed area in IT is a great place to have scrums, sprint kick off meetings and lightning talks.

The library

Whether it’s influencing others or learning a new framework, we have a plethora of books available to help you continuously improve.

Kanban boards

Kanban, Scrum and Agile – If it works best we will always go with the pragmatic and best option for the project.