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I never considered a career in Tech until AO – Catherine’s story

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Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m a Business Analyst at AO. I hadn’t initially considered a career in technology because my understanding of the various career options within the field was limited. 

However, after obtaining a degree in history and starting work in a tech department, I quickly realised the potential for a career in the industry. I was drawn to its dynamic and fast-paced environment, as well as the satisfaction of improving systems and processes. 

With the guidance of experienced colleagues, I explored the various career paths in technology and ultimately found my passion in business analysis. 

For women considering a career in technology, I suggest seeking guidance and advice from individuals within the industry and participating in relevant community events. 

I never considered a career in Tech, but the community is so welcoming and offers support to help people make informed decisions about their career path. 

Catherine Winstanley
Business Analyst 

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