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Back in 2014, I’d just received my master’s degree in Biology, and was seriously considering doing a PhD. I quickly realised that I wouldn’ be earning the same as some of my friends in sales until I was in my 50’s. was the best graduate sales position around, and could offer the most in terms of salary and the opportunity to build a career. When I started every manager was approachable and no question was a silly one. The support I received from my team was immense, I certainly didn’ feel new for long and I was soon hitting my targets!

If you are determined and can self-motivate, the opportunities are limitless. Last year we were set a target of making 200 sales each in the two weeks over Black Friday. I made 3 grand which didn’ hurt before Christmas, and so did the vast majority of the team. We aren’ against putting in the hours and working hard to progress as we take the role seriously as professionals.

10 months after I started as a Graduate I was promoted to an Assistant Manager, 7 months after that I was promoted again to Sales Manager. This is a common story among my colleagues, with the Director of Sales starting as a Sales manager himself, and being promoted all the way to Director. There are a lot of inspirational people in our department that you can’ help but look up to.

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