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Creative Design Manager

A typical day at AO


No single day is typical in the design team, that’s what makes it so special. Mine normally starts with coffee and stand up meetings at 9am to evaluate the work from yesterday and plan the day ahead for the team. Then I could be on with planning and exploring ideas for our next project or evaluating the work the team are producing to ensure it works for our customers and looks amazing. Other than that each day is different and I could be working with almost anyone from the business on a wide range of on and offsite creative work. Oh, and I’m partial to game of table football if anyone fancies a game?


About you and your team

What are you responsible for?

Making sure the website and all other channels look amazing and working for our customers in the easiest and most beautiful way possible.

How does your team fit into AO?

We’re here to turn everyone’s amazing ideas into reality. That means working with experts from most departments in the business to create inspiring artwork for ao.com, social media channels and offline advertising.

Best bits about your job?

Bringing everyone else’s ideas to life and injecting creativity into all areas of the business. I just love making beautiful shiny things!

Best bits about AO?

It’s fast-paced, fun and full of experts from all different fields. There’s never a dull moment and always something new to learn.

Best thing about your team?

That’s easy. All of them! I’m lucky to work with some amazing and very dedicated designers. Each designer has unique skills that complement the team and together we’re one massive creative monster – in the most awesome way, of course :).

What attracted you to AO?

I saw a job advertised, came for an interview and was blown away by the passion and expertise of the people that worked here. I knew this was the place for me and thankfully they offered me a job.

When not working, what can you be found doing?

Running around in the woods pretend light-saber fighting with my two wonderful children. When I’m not battling super-villains with the little ones I try to design as much as possible and love to make weird and wonderful (well, I think so) electronic music. I also make a mean burger.