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Inbound Sales Manager

What are you responsible for? My main responsibilities are to motivate, inspire and drive results.

How your team fits into AO: The sales department is a core piece of AO. It is the first point of call for many of our customers and it is known for being a fast paced hub of activity. Our department concentrates on the journey the customer has with us and it is at the forefront of everything we do so that our customers have a great experience.

Best bits about your job: The best bits about my job is the fact that there is always something keeping me moving forward to strive to better myself. There are always new targets or goals for me to try to reach and my role continuously helps me develop myself and my ever expanding skill set.

Best bits about AO: The best bit about AO is that everything is done differently; it’s not your generic Monday to Friday 9-5 job. We are encouraged to get to know our customers on a friendly basis and let our personalities shine and create genuine relationships with the people on the phone. At AO our culture is a key factor to our success and everyone that works here values this deeply, but working hard and getting the job done is always our end game, we never take our eye off the ball.

Best thing about your team:
The best thing about my team is definitely the people. The team itself is a mixture of characters that all share the same desire, passion and drive. We are more like a family and there is nothing too big or small that we wouldn’t do to help each other, whether it be picking up extra paperwork, helping each other’s teams or putting a well needed arm around the shoulder of a team member; we can always count on each other.

Typical Day at AO: A typical day starts off with a ‘meeting of the minds’ with the other managers in the department. We start our day by discussing the previous day’s statistics and going over a plan for the day before our teams come in. This plan is mainly made up of a focus strategy deigned to better individuals’ performance based on what they did the day before.

If I am being honest no day is exactly the same so my plans are never set in stone especially in such a fast paced environment like the sales floor, so because of this each day always bring something new.

Once our teams have arrived we have individual meetings with them to go over performance and assess everyone’s mind-sets and thoughts on the previous day.

The majority of my day is spent coaching and training people through their calls. This can be done by live listening or playing the agents calls back to them and giving them feedback on what they can do to improve their techniques. The rest of the day is spent dealing with any questions, queries or issues the sales agents might have and need help with. We also monitor effective of the SLA department to make sure that our customers have the most efficient experience possible when calling into us and that as a department we are running smoothly.

Even though our job is very focused we do try to create a fun, lively atmosphere for our agents to be in and good team spirit is key.

What attracted you to AO? The reason why I decided to applied to work at AO was because my good friend already had a job with the company and every time I saw her she would talk non-stop about how much she loved her job and how much fun she had at work. I remember her telling me one day that the whole company went to the cinema to watch a new campaign they were running and I thought WOW this place sounds like nothing I have heard of before. From then on I knew that I wanted to be part of such a fun, creative and exciting company, so I decided to apply that night for the inbound sales agent role.

When not working, what can you be found doing? In my spare time I try to fulfil my thirst for travel and adventure and create good memories with my family and friends. Sundays mostly consist of a well-earned Netflix’s binge and just like any girl my age I love watching cheesy rom-coms and reading books I will never finish! I also volunteered as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award and built such a strong friendship with the person I was helping we have become amazing friends – we’ve even been on a trip to the West End to watch To Kill a Mockingbird together.