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Top PPC tips – by Senior Executive Paul

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Hi I’m Paul and it’ll be 10 years in August that I joined AO. I got into PPC looking for a new challenge after working in the Sales and Customer service department for 3+ years. I had the right attitude and work ethic so AO gave me a chance (turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks.)

One of the highlights have been the arrival of an automated bidding platform, it’s been a gamechanger for us. Helping to build our SDA, AV, and Gaming accounts from scratch across Bing & Google are definitely up there too. I like puzzle solving as well as the testing and creative side of PPC. I enjoy creating fun & quirky ad copy to attract customers. I’ve worked my way up from Junior to Senior Exec over the years learning many tips and tricks of the trade.


My tips when working in PPC:

Don’t panic if something goes wrong

I’ve found out over the years that panicking or getting stressed out really doesn’t help a situation, keep calm and relaxed and look at resolving the situation with a clear calm head. Things will always go wrong from time to time, mistakes can happen and human error’s will always occur. Don’t go into panic mode, just take a second, grab a brew and address the situation quickly and get it resolved. The good thing about errors and mistakes is that you learn from them. Here at AO we deal with the problem and prevent it happening again.


Be Creative & Have Fun

Testing and creating ad copy messaging ideas is one of the best part of the role and brings the most creativity and fun. Don’t be afraid to try and new and quirky ad copy, making it fun and playful to reflect your business or the product you’re advertising. Try and create something that grabs the attention of a customer, look at your ad copy and think would it grab your attention or is it a standard generic message like countless others. You can have multiple messages trialling at the same time to find out what works best for you and you can keep testing, tweaking and evolving the copy as different messaging performs differently depending on the categories and products.


Sharing is Caring

Communicate with your own team as well as others, share insights, results, ways of working, articles to read or tips and tricks. There’s always information that can be used to benefit other departments, channels and colleagues as well as yourselves. You can end up finding quicker and more effecting ways of working, talking and sharing helps everyone.


Get Automated

It’s important to stay update date with the latest ways of working, and automation is a big one. Don’t get left behind doing the laborious manual daily tasks of bidding and reporting while other companies have bidding tech platforms doing all the hard work. As hard as you work you’ll always be out performed by machine learning. It’s important to get onboard and fully embrace an automated platform, learn it, use it and most importantly trust it.


Learn to Adapt

The world of PPC is very fast paced and forever changing, there’s always new things to learn and different things to try. It’s important to be comfortable with change and be able to adapt, often quickly. We’ve seen interface’s, structures, ways of working, processes, and key metrics can all change quickly in the paid search arena. Read articles and blogs, sign up to webinars and online events, your account manager is the best person to help keep you up to date with latest changes, industry news and upcoming betas.


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