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How to get your goals off the ground

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We’re nearly a month into 2024, how are your new year resolutions coming along? What about those goals you really wanted to box off this year?


When it comes to turning goals and dreams into a reality, it’s tough to know where to even start, how do you stick to it, keep yourself motivated and where to get the best support.


At AO, we like to think big and achieve big, having goals to work towards is part of every day for us. It’s different for everyone but one thing we all share is that we take it pretty seriously. So here are some of our top tips to getting those goals off the ground and on your path to success!

1. Motivation is key, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and gives us that passion we all need! Before jumping straight into setting goals, it’s pretty important to ask yourself a few questions? Why is that goal or ambition important to me?  What difference is it going to make? What or who will it help me achieve it?     Knowing where you are right now, will help you understand why you want to go after it and help you decide where to start. Really think about what it’ll add to your life, sell it to yourself, after all its you that needs to believe in it!
2. Let’s break those goals down! Whether it’s climbing mount Everest or landing that dream job, think big, get creative and let your imagination run wild!  What will make you feel fulfilled and happy?  See your goals like a huge pizza, as tempting as it is to eat the whole thing, and we can certainly go through a lot of pizza, it’s probably not wise, so break it down ‘one slice’ at a time. If it’s a dream job you’re after, that first slice could be sprucing up your CV, the second polishing up your LinkedIn profile and the next staring to submit applications. Breaking it down makes it doable, not daunting!
3. Keep it REAListic aim high, but let’s keep it realistic, remember a goal or ambition can take a good few years to achieve. It doesn’t always need to get done straight away, you’re in control of what you want to achieve. Be realistic, so even if the end goal feels pretty big, what steps can you take to get you there? Try writing it down and making it visible so it’s part of your everyday. It’ll remind you why it is so important and keep you on track.
4. Get your nearest and dearest on board, whether that’s friends, family, partners people you work with. Sharing those goals keeps you accountable, get them to check in on you and to give you that nudge when you need it the most. Motivation is a real secret weapon and here at AO we really encourage each other and it makes all the difference.
5. Mini milestones deserve celebrating Having mini goals along the way means you can celebrate those key achievements, which will really encourage you to keep going! Recognise each day the things you’ve achieved, those positive steps towards achieving your goals.

6. Take some time for you. Giving yourself the time to really work on your goals is super important and its time well invested. It isn’t always going to be plain sailing or go to plan and that’s ok. You might need to reset, change a few of those ‘pizza slices’ and that’s okay! Flexibility is key on your way to achieving your goals or ambitions. Reflect on when things don’t go quite to plan; why didn’t it happen, don’t let it throw you off your path, set yourself a new deadline. Embrace it, learn from it and get back on track Keep on going you’re making steps in the right direction.

Happy goal setting! 🙌💚


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