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Earn What You Deserve – Read Aaron’s story about the earning potential in our Manchester Sales Force.

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My career at AO began two years ago, when I joined as a sales executive. I had a background in sales, but I was looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to really earn some money.

On my first day at AO, is was very clear to see that this company was different, both in terms of the money that could be earnt and the core values and perks of the business. I’ve never met a bunch of friendlier people, and managers go out of their way to keep you motivated. It truly is a unique company, and the free breakfasts, drinks and snacks don’ hurt either!

Although, let’s not forget about the amazing opportunities to earn money at AO, as after all that’s what sales jobs are all about! Since starting at AO, the opportunities I’ve had to earn money have continued to grow. If you work hard, and are determined to get the money, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’ have it.

This is evident in my own achievements at AO, for the past 100 weeks I’ve absolutely smashed my targets and hit my over-ride every single week for 100 weeks! Hitting this over-ride means I usually earn between £600-650 a week, just in commission.

I’m also very proud to say I’m the first person to have achieved hitting my over-ride for 100 weeks continuously, and AO were fantastic in rewarding me for this achievement by paying for a day out for me and all my family to Alton Towers! These rewards are just fantastic, as it shows if you put the work in, not only will you get the money, but AO will also reward you as well, and who wouldn’ want that.

Stories like mine are echoed all around our office, and it’s common to hear of people earning in excess of £500 a week in commission. There’s a saying round the office that you can literally write your own pay-check here, providing you put the hours in, you’ll earn what you deserve!

Working at AO has definitely changed my life in so many ways. It’s allowed me to do things such as spoil my family, something which is really important to me, as well as buy my first house, and have nice cars and I genuinely can’ thank AO enough for allowing me the opportunity to improve my life.

I believe if you have the right attitude, and can keep the faith that you will make a sale, AO can change your life too.