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A day in the life of a Gas Engineer

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What does a Gas Engineer get up to during a typical day?

It isn’t easy to describe because every day is different.

You could be installing a new gas cooker for an elderly couple one day, then fixing a boiler in the office of a small business the next. 

Fortunately, there are some things that run through the week. 

Typically, your working week will follow a loose pattern of Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. But that can come down to how you want to play it. 

At AO, our Gas Engineers follow a ‘four-on, four-off’ pattern, so the days are never set in stone.

And on any days that you work for yourself, you set the working hours. Then there’s the question of whether you want to be ‘on-call’ for any occasional out-of-hours work. 


During a typical working day as a Gas Engineer, you could be: 

  • Carrying out checks on gas equipment to make sure the appliances are safe and ordering any new parts required


  • Installing new equipment and getting old appliances out of the property


  • Getting called out to look at potential gas leaks; this can be a race against time using equipment to locate the fault and then repairing it quickly and efficiently


  • Working in cosy, confined spaces where you’ll usually find boilers


  • Writing up reports on the work you’ve done within the day or at a particular property


  • Giving accurate quotes or bills


  • Speaking with clients to make them feel at ease

We’re looking for Gas Engineers throughout the UK to join AO.

You’ll be able to work a ‘four-on, four-off’ pattern.
And you can keep your gas card, so you can carry on working for yourself.

Visit our jobs page and enjoy a steady income with AO – the destination for electricals.

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