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Charity Cycling Challenge: 19 people, 600 miles, 6 Days.

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Every child loves to play, but sadly for many of the children at Derian House Children Hospice play isn’ that easy.

A visit to the park often means them having to watch brothers and sisters from the side-lines and what should be a happy time for the whole family, in reality means a life threatened child or their brothers and sisters are left excluded.



The AO Cycle Challenge

This summer, 20 employees at are planning to change this by committing to a gruelling 600 mile cycle ride from our new Germany offices in Heppendorf to Parklands, Bolton!

The motivation behind the epic challenge is to raise enough money to build a brand new playground which will be the first of its kind in the North West.

From Revolva Roundabouts to Pendulum Swings the playground will offer state of the art facilities and will provide unique opportunities for both life-threatened children and their able-bodied brothers and sisters to finally share playtime, bond with their siblings and form memories they will treasure for a lifetime.


To make the dream playground a reality the cyclists are aiming to raise £35,000 from sponsorship. The AO Smile Foundation will then double every pound donated to ensure Derian House receives the £70,000 needed to complete the build.

CEO at Derian House, Georgina Cox commented “This amazing new facility will make a huge difference to the lives of our families. Many of the children we look after who have life-shortening conditions also have a brother or sister, and there are not many places their parents can take them where they can play together. We are so grateful to the AO Smile Foundation and the staff who’ll be cycling such a long way to allow this to happen.”


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Click here to support your colleagues and  visit our Derian House Playground Appeal on Just Giving

Or Text: AOSM99 £XX to 70070  (Don’ forget every pound you give will be doubled by AO Smile)