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Bring your child to work day (Crewe)

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This week AO employee’s are sending their children back to school after the summer holidays. The first day pictures are circulating around the office and we love it!

During half term it’s always a great opportunity for us to open our doors to employees and their children to help give them an insight into how we operate – and take them behind the scenes in our 360,000sq ft. distribution centre. We love to share with the children how their Mummies and Daddies help challenge the ordinary every day to ensure we are exceptional in the moments that matter for our customers

In August we held our latest ‘Bring Your Child to Work’ day at our Crewe office, with 29 miniature AO’ers coming to see what their parents get up to during school hours.Ran by our Engagement team, it’s just one of the ways in which we educate young people and help get them interested in the AO world. After all, the best way to grow talent for the future is to plant the seed at an early age. Plus, we know that nothing is more important than family. So what better way to round off your working week than by bringing them into work?

When they arrive each honorary AO’er is given a hi-viz vest, an official AO pass and a chance to get to grips with some of our largest toys – the big green AO delivery machines. Then, after several (hundred) toots of the horn, they are invited into our onsite learning room where they are given a virtual tour of the entire operation – from our extensive European network to the company values that bind us all together. It’s a chance for them to ask questions, sing “AO Let’s Go”, and make some new friends before being taken into the beating heart of AO logistics – the famous distribution warehouse. This gives them an insight into the different appliances we deal with on a daily basis, as well as the opportunity to learn about the different machines and vehicles that keep our business running behind the scenes.

Then, after plenty more “AO let’s go’s” it’s nearly time for home, but not without collecting their goody bag, complete with AO teddy and green fidget spinner!

We love having the pitter-patter of tiny feet around the office, but we spoke to Logistics Engagement Manager Jayne Chapman to find out why this event is more than just a fun day out:

“The children always enjoy coming to see where their parents and family members work. But It’s really important that we continue doing things like this because, not only is it a fun day out for them, but it also helps us to spread the word about AO on a ‘grassroots’ level. The children will tell their friends and family about the day they had, then they will tell their friends, and hopefully more and more people will see that AO is no ordinary story.

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