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AO’ers raise £7,406 to help the homeless!

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Last Friday night, 35 AO’ers braved the freezing weather in Manchester, and spent the night sleeping rough to raise awareness and money for homeless charity “The Booth Centre”.

The Booth Centre aims to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or, at risk of homelessness, and help them plan for and realise a better future.

“The Big Manchester Sleepout” gave #TeamAO (along with hundreds of other Mancunians) an insight into some of the harsh realities of sleeping rough. The biting cold, trying to sleep when you are soaked through, the noise and the difficulty of carrying on your day with little sleep.

It was an eye opening experience for many of our team. Many of them posted updates on social media throughout the night about the struggles they faced, and how humbled and heartbroken they felt that for many people, this is their reality.

As well as sleeping rough for the night to raise awareness, our AO’ers, raised as much money as possible for the “The Booth Centre”, to help them in their efforts to tackle homelessness in Manchester.

Collectively #TeamAO raised an incredible… £7,406

A huge well done to all of you!