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AO Recycling Wins Industry Award!

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We’re excited to announce, that our recycling plant in Telford has been granted the WEEELABEX certificate of excellence! This makes us just one of two certified fridge disposal operators in the UK (and the only retailer).

Earlier this year we invited WEEELABEX to Telford so they could put our recycling standards to the test. After close examination of our end to end process (and our cutting edge recycling machine), they decided that AO Recycling was worthy of their highest possible award.

This is another massive achievement for the business, proof that our investment into WEEE recycling has paid off. Not only does it reinforce the idea that AO is changing the face of retail forever, the positive audit score lets the world know that we’re doing it the AO way, and to the highest industry standard.

AO Recycling’s Anthony Sant said: “This is great news for AO. WEEELABEX certification is the highest accolade in fridge recycling. Waste electrical equipment represents the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Recycling these unwanted items sustainably and efficiently will be the key waste management challenge of the coming decades. Large Domestic Appliances and fridges have proved especially difficult to deal with in a way which maximises resource efficiency and limits environmental impact.”


WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, whilst LABEX is the Label of Excellence awarded by the industry authority.

Our base in Telford is expected to recycle more than 700,000 fridges in its first year (around one fifth of the fridges thrown away in the UK). It also processes thousands of other household appliances by repairing and refurbishing them for second hand re-sale. So it’s crucial that that the new operation runs compliantly and efficiently.

You can read more on how the plant operates, and our WEEE recycling on AO’s Recycling site below.