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Top tips for a brilliant LinkedIn profile

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Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to get your name and face in front of hundreds of like mind professionals, not just to build your network & Industry knowledge, but if you’re on the lookout for your next role, it’s an essential tool.

LinkedIn to anyone working in Talent Acquisition is bread and butter, it’s a tool we use every day, why?

It’s simple, to find candidates like you!

But it’s a little more than that, it’s not just about finding the perfect candidate, we use it as a platform to share all the great things about AO, gain insights about what’s going on, and learn tonnes of new things too, all whilst connecting and building our professional networks!

So, what does that mean for you?  There’s a pretty big difference between having a LinkedIn profile and one that stands out, by showing all the brilliant experience and skills you have; first impressions count after all! It’s an opportunity to connect with people who can really help you on your journey, along with landing your dream role.

Here’s our top tips to get your LinkedIn profile in tip top shape;


  1. We love a summary, it’s a little bit like your personal profile on your CV. It tells us a bit more about you, what your biggest achievements have been, what you’re super proud of, and your ambitions. It’s your chance to tell your own story! You’ll want to grab the attention of future employers and your professional network; this is your time to shine! Remember attention spans can be short so keep it snappy, simple and relevant.


  1. Listing your relevant skills is a biggie, some of our roles require specific technical skills whether that be; cybersecurity, programming, automation, it’s what we search on, so if you don’t have it listed, you won’t come up and we’d hate to miss you!! The more relevant skills and key words you have listed, the more searches you’ll come up on, so this could really increase your chances of being scouted for a new role. Not sure where to start? Try using LinkedIn’s handy skills assessment, to get the ball rolling.


  1. It can be tempting to go to town with your profile using buzz words, cutting and pasting your job description and digging out the trusty thesaurus. We look for simplicity, if you read it to your gran, would she understand? Some of your job role and responsibilities will use industry known jargon, which we totally get, but try to help us understand what you do and how your experience is relevant, by keeping it simple, focusing on what you have achieved!


  1. How much time each day do you spend on social media? We’ve all been down the rabbit hole of Tik-Tok content! So, why not invest quality time on your profile to help you achieve your career goals! It’s not’s just about a great profile, you can use the platform to connect with recruiters, check out business pages for companies you’d love to work for, see what other people in your industry are up to, network and share your professional achievements. Phew, there’s a lot of perks!


  1. Get active! 48% of LinkedIn users are active at LEAST once a month, whether it’s posting themselves, or liking, sharing and engaging with other people’s posts and making those all-important connections. So next time you’re on there, why not try sparking up a conversation on someone’s post or sharing your monthly work win, and who knows who might see it!


  1. We love a bit of good housekeeping – make sure your contact details are up to date, that you have a professional profile picture, check your privacy settings if you want recruiters to find you, be thorough and give your profile the once over before publishing.

We’ve given you some of our advice from how we do things here at AO, now it’s over to you! January is the perfect time to get started so take it one step at a time and give our tips a go. Make 2024 your year!

AO is for everyone. We should all feel that we belong. That’s why we’re creating a welcoming and inclusive place to work. If you can’t send us a CV for any of our roles for any reason, please let us know by emailing us at

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