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AO Recycling

Telford is home to our industry leading recycling centre, where we use cutting edge technology to dispose of old appliances in an environmentally friendly way.

You can give reception a call on (+44) 01952 583666 if you need get in touch, or drop an email.

    Parking and public transport

    Parking your car at AO Recycling couldn’t be more convenient.

    While some AOers have allocated parking spaces onsite at Halesfield 15, parking is available for everyone just a 3 minute walk away from the office at Halesfield 14 (TF7 4PL ).

    What to wear

    If you’re working alongside the heavy machinery in our recycling centre, you’ll be provided with all the PPE you need to keep you safe.

    We’re a pretty relaxed bunch here, so if you are not on the plant floor, you can wear office-appropriate clothes that your most comfortable in. We’ve got the full spectrum from smart-casual to jeans and trainers.

    Some people like to dress a bit smarter, so if you feel more comfortable being a little bit dressier on your first day then don’t worry – you’ll fit right in. Once you’ve got settled you’ll be able to judge for yourself what you feel comfortable wearing.

    Lunch, brews and snacks

    Our dining area is called The Park. With plenty of seating, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy your lunch.

    We have fridges for you to store your lunch throughout the day, along with microwaves nearby so you can enjoy your lunch piping hot.

    In addition to thirst-quenching water coolers, you’ll also have access to free tea and coffee all day long for whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

    And when snack time strikes, we’ve got vending machines available in The Park and near the changing rooms.

    Check out all the benefits available to AO’ers around the office.