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Crewe and UK Outbases

AO Logistics

Crewe is home to our Logistics head office and two distribution centres, Alpha and Omega. Whatever the customer order, the journey starts with one of delivery team right here.

You can give Crewe reception a call on (+44) 01270 754 830 if you need get in touch, or drop an email.

    Parking and public transport

    There’s allocated parking for AOers at our warehouses with plenty of visitor spaces whilst you wait for your allocated space.

    Crewe is the closest train station. From here, it’s about a four minute drive to the warehouse, or a 15 minute walk.

    What to wear

    Most AOers in our warehouses wear comfortable clothes to allow them to move around easily. As with most warehouses, you’ll need to wear a high vis jacket and safety boots.

    We supply uniforms for warehouse AOers, but if we haven’t got it in stock for you at your start date, you can wear your own casual clothes in the meantime. We just ask that you don’t wear shorts.

    We’re a pretty relaxed bunch and most people wear whatever office-appropriate clothes they’re comfortable in. We’ve got the full spectrum from smart-casual to jeans and trainers.

    Some people like to dress a bit smarter, so if you feel more comfortable being a little bit dressier on your first day then don’t worry – you’ll fit right in. Once you’ve got settled you’ll be able to judge for yourself what you feel comfortable wearing.

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