Values & Culture

The AO Way

Find a better tomorrow

At AO our values aren’t just words, they’re in our DNA. Underpinning our culture is the belief that you can’t be paid to care; you’ve got to want to. Because of this, we know it’s our people that really set us apart. AO’ers achieve success because they care about doing great stuff. Challenging the norm isn’t easy, it takes unconstrained thinking teamed with an attitude for doing what’s right. We do this because we believe the UK needs a retailer that champions their wishes and makes life easier.


We have always been Bold from day one. We dare to be different and we thrive in a seriously competitive sector. Still, we don’t follow trends we set them.


To make our bold aims work we’re Smart – anyone can promise the earth, but we aim to find a way to do what looks impossible.


To turn impossible-sounding ideas into reality you have to be Driven. Things may get tough but we’ve never done anything just because it’s easy.


Doing challenging things with like-minded people is what gets us out of bed and give our best. That’s what makes AO a place where you can really have Fun.


Underpinning everything is the way we Care, about people, about our work and about building something that really makes a difference.



We’re passionate about creating a place where people belong and are always included. That’s why we celebrate what makes our AO’ers different as much as what they have in common.

We want you to be who you really are, because we like that. And we strive to create an inclusive and safe culture, so together we can re-imagine the basics by challenging the ordinary.

So, regardless of who you are, where you come from, or anything else that makes you wonderful… you’ll never be left out at AO. It’s these differences that make us smarter, braver and ready to deliver a better tomorrow.