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Affiliate Manager

A typical day at AO

We have a rule; whoever is in first makes the rest of the team tea and coffee. From there we are eager to review the performance results of the previous day and monitor what our competitors are doing in the market.

The team and I work to tight deadlines. We are keen to be market leading and are dedicated to thinking of new ideas to relentlessly drive AO to be market leading. No day is the same, we never sit still. What we do involves 100% commitment and so that we fully contribute to AO’s current and future growth.



About you and your team

What are you responsible for?

As a Manager for the group Affiliate channel, I am responsible for UK and DE strategy – making sure we are aligned and working towards the same goal.

How does your team fit into AO?

The affiliate team is responsible for acquiring new customers to the ao.com website and driving our amazing brand through websites such as Nectar.

Best bits about your job?

The people, the brand, the perks – in that order. It is an absolute pleasure to come into work every day. AO have attracted some of the most talented people, and to top it all off, this brand is so exciting to work for!!

Best bits about AO?

You learn so much every day. You get to work with amazing people and the work environment is so great. We have a spa which is just a wonderful thing to have in your life.

Best thing about your team?

Their complete 100% commitment, how much they love AO, their creativity and intellect and their wonderful personalities.

What attracted you to AO?

I was looking for a new challenge after working in Manchester City Centre and sent my CV into them. It’s the best thing I could have done at the time. The rest is a very happy history.

When not working, what can you be found doing?

I have an amazing 6 year old daughter who keeps me very busy. I also love going out, shopping and training. I run, take in a yoga class or go to the gym with my colleagues.