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Software Developer

A typical day at AO

My typical day AO starts with a healthy bowl of porridge from our café “The Park”. This is followed by a quick catch-up, where each one of us updates each other on what we achieved on the previous day, what we aim to accomplish and then celebrate the things that have gone live. Stand-ups are like planning sessions for that day. We occasionally have meetings and planning sessions for upcoming work on the day. We also have interactive demos with stake holders at the end of the sprint to give them a feel of what we are doing and what is expected. But most of the time I am developing and exploring ideas on how we can do things better and more efficiently. Because we pair program, development is not focused on coding alone. It inspires socialising as well.


About you and your team

What are you responsible for?

I am responsible for developing a feature from start to end. Sometimes it’s a team project where a feature has to be accomplished in a certain amount of time. I also get involved in planning and estimation before we start the work. As a developer it’s also my responsibility to make sure the quality of the code is good enough for somebody else to pick up afterwards.

How your team fits into AO?

Our team works on features/projects which are our current sales driver. We work closely with the stake holders, getting constant feedback on the work we do, to make sure we are meeting the expectations of the business. The good thing about being the domain we are we can give suggestions based on our experience of sales in the organisation and they are considered.

Best bits about your job?

Being given the freedom to explore tech and implement it. There is also transparency in terms of how it would help the business, which keeps you motivated to do things on daily basis. But the ultimate ‘best bit’ is the people. We are a caring bunch of people who share the same vision. I would never be afraid to approach anyone for help and vice versa.

Best bits about AO?

Besides free food, our culture is the best bit and the way company cares about its people.AO Smile Foundation is our in-house charitable trust and it’s amazing how we contribute to society. I have never worked for a company who have so much love and dedication.

Best thing about your team?

Because we are a mixed team, we have got expertise from all domains. This is quiet handy. The most important thing is despite any pressure, there’s a positive attitude and dedication within the team to make it happen. Some of these traits are inherited from the AO culture. We have fun and love what we do, appreciating what difference we can make to the business. I am known for not taking my holidays just because I love to work with my team. I would rather be here than elsewhere if I have got nothing planned.

What attracted you to AO?

The two things that attracted me to work for AO were the location since I am local to Bolton and the freedom to explore the technology. With a fast paced company like AO there’s always so much to do and the reason I would think twice before leaving is because of the culture, the way the company returns the love and cares for its people.

When not working, what can you be found doing?

Outside of work I am a typical housewife, mum to a little 3 year old. I love spending time with her. I also love cooking; you will mostly find me trying different recipes in kitchen. I have a passion for suspense novels and detective drama too. CSI is my favorite and I haven’t missed an episode.