AO Jobs

We are an official partner of the Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse is bringing together the great cities, towns and rural communities in the North of England and North Wales to become a powerhouse for the economy by investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture.

As a business founded, nurtured and grown in the North West, we are really proud to work with the Northern Powerhouse to champion businesses in the North. We have grown so much, so quickly over the last 10 years, and the AO culture and the way we do things is very much embedded in our roots as a start-up business in Bolton.

We have grown to become one of the leading online retailers in the UK, as well as one of the largest employers for digital roles in the North. One of the reasons we are so excited to partner with the Northern Powerhouse, is to help advocate the vibrant culture and fantastic career opportunities available in the North.

It’s important that we attract talented people – particularly people with digital skills – to our business. We want people to see the North as a place they can grow and progress their careers – a place that is full of opportunity.

We are hoping that, through our involvement in the Northern Powerhouse, we can make the North a destination for skilled workers, especially in areas like IT, Software Development, web design and analytics.

Some of our northern experts

Laura – Creative Content

“I think there used to be a misconception that creative digital roles only existed in London. The north has its own digital identity now though. The North wants to carve its own path and Manchester in particular is becoming a bubbling hub of digital activity.”

Mike – Front-End Development

The North has always been hugely influential in the digital world ever since the days of Alan Turing and his pioneering work at Manchester University. Over the years we’ve seen massive investment in the North and companies flock up from the South to take advantage of the area and the availability of talent.

Emily – Business Analysis

“I love the vibrancy and distinction of each of the different northern cities! Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, each having their own look, feel, culture, etc. Major universities exist in each of those cities, as well as housing some major software/ technical companies too.

Gareth – Software Development

“There’s an incredible amount of people in the north, who are highly skilled and passionate about what they do. The digital community in the north is very closely knit and open to newcomers; offering their help and advice when you need it, and often sharing a slice of pizza or a drink.”

Rob – Creative Design

“Across the north, there’s a vast pool of creative talent that just keeps growing. The energy and drive in designers is apparent, whether they’re new to the industry or a creative veteran. Coupled with a network of creative communities that share ideas and passion about all aspects of design, UX and multimedia, the north is truly the place to be.”