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Five Ways to Build Wellbeing into Your Day

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If you’re looking for some top tips to boost your mental health and wellbeing, you can build the five ways to wellbeing into your daily routine.

Research has shown doing small things from these five areas every day boosts health and happiness.


1. Connect

• Call instead of sending an email

• Make time to talk to colleagues, friends and family every day

• Join an online group to connect with new people on favourite topics


2. Be active

• Try walking 1:1s while on the phone

• Get some activity into the commute (or when this would have been)

• After being still for half an hour, get moving, even just for a minute.


3. Learn

• Ask questions and get to know more about your colleagues

• Research something you are interested in

• Do a puzzle or quiz, play an instrument, follow a new recipe


4. Give

• Give your time to help others. Share your expertise to solve a problem.

• Give ground in a disagreement, which helps defuse a situation leading to more constructive discussion and saving potential stress


5. Take notice

• Try a quick mindfulness breathing exercise once a day

• Research something you are interested in

• Try to create a clear, uncluttered workspace

• Really look and listen. Staring out the window for 2 minutes is actually good for you as it helps ground you and switch off worries.

Mental health support links

Feeling worried, anxious or stressed right now is normal and something many of us are experiencing. Don’t suffer in silence – talk to someone.


What they do



Every Mind Matters

This resource hub from the NHS helps you easily create your own ‘mind plan’ and has lots of links on how to cope better with all that’s going on.



They have a brilliant directory of free phone numbers and text support for all types of mental health issues. There is also a Coronavirus section to help you cope with the current challenges. Use the quick links across the top of the site to find what you need.

0808 801 0525