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Our biggest recruitment drive ever!

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve created 50 new roles in our IT department here in Bolton.

This is our biggest recruitment drive since 2000! We’re looking for everything from Software Developers, UX Designers and Business Analysts to Commercial IT analysts to support its future growth.

We have done this to help our IT department to deliver whatever’s necessary to make our customers happy. Our AO way of doing things is vital to our success. The AO motto is “treat every customer like your gran”, “make decisions your mum would be proud of” and “don’t be afraid to challenge the ordinary”.

We plan to develop most of our technology systems in-house, allowing us to quickly adapt to opportunities and make online shopping as easy as possible for our customers.

We’re all about giving our AOers an inspirational and collaborative home so we have invested in a brand new, second office at Parklands Business Park.

Carl Phillips, IT Director, said: “What makes our IT team unique is the range of projects that people get to work on and the freedom that they have to get things done. From infrastructure to coding, our teams get the opportunity to use the latest technology and working practices on a daily basis. It’s an exciting place to develop new skills and broaden your career in a way that you wouldn’ get to do anywhere else in the North West.

“We put passion and a willingness to learn before experience and expertise when looking for new candidates for the team. We’re willing to give people a chance who haven’ had a traditional education and background in tech, and to invest deeply in training and personal development to get the best out of our people.”

Ryan Robinson first came to Carl’s attention when he applied to AO while working as a baker in Preston. After teaching himself coding for approximately six months, Ryan decided he’d prefer bytes to baking and secured a job as an IT junior with AO. Six years later and Ryan is now a Senior Software Developer within the AO family.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity that AO has given to me,” explained Ryan. “AO took a chance on me and I was trained very quickly. During my time here, I’ve been able to broaden my skills and knowledge working on all sorts of technologies. These range from a brand new telephony system to the e-commerce websites themselves. I feel really lucky to have been given the opportunity! I doubt many other companies would invest so much in new talent.”