Kevin Goldsmith (Spotify) – “Organisation, Architecture, Autonomy and Accountability”

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When the opportunity arose to bring in Kevin Goldsmith – VP of engineering at Spotify, we leapt at the chance. Spotify are the leading music streaming product, in a market where their competitors are some of the largest and most powerful organisations in the world. Moreover, Spotify have a global reputation for having created a culture of obsession to speed of delivery, where the service is always available, and the people who work there are happy.

Who better to inspire us to reach even greater heights as we are on a mission to be the best electrical retailer in Europe?

The session gave insight into how the teams at Spotify work behind the scenes. We have learnt that they have made a great effort to make their Intranet’s search work really well. They’ve also made the documentation of their UI/UX guidelines or 1000+ services very easy to access and use. Spotify share information through their structured guild system, and constant flux of teams and members within the organisation.

“It was amazing that we’ve managed to get a company as noteworthy as Spotify to come here and share how they’ve been so successful. It’s given us a lot to think about and there’s definitely some stuff we can use to make us even better.” – Jennifer: Software Developer”