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It’s been the longest month EVER. But it’s finally payday!

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January left a lot of us feeling the pinch, claiming those outstanding amounts owed by friends and maximising our budget.

After spending the month counting down the days, our AO’ers want to share their emotional stages, now that pay day has arrived.


You’re totes ready to make it rain


First thing Saturday morning you hit Toys R Us to treat the kids


You’re ready for work today! Everybody is buzzing because its Friday AND its payday!


Day dreaming about all the pretty things you’re going to buy this weekend


You remember its attendance bonus month!


You celebrate your healthy bank balance, before all the bills come out


No more half-hearted online shopping, knowing you can’ afford anything


Your car finally has a full tank!


You can now spend extortionate amounts on yummy food


Confusion. When your back to being skint again..


Have a great pay day everyone, you’ve earned it!

Love AO x