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New hydrogen boiler labels unveiled: what Gas Engineers need to know 

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Hydrogen H2 bubbles with blue background

Hydrogen-ready boilers are becoming more of a thing in UK homes and to prepare for their gradual roll-out, a new labelling system has been unveiled.

Revealed by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), the labels outline three distinct categories of hydrogen appliances:

  • ‘Hydrogen Blend’ compatible:
    These are capable of running on a blend of up to 20% hydrogen in the gas network.
  • ‘Hydrogen-Ready’ appliances:
    These can run on a 20% blend, but can be converted by a Gas Safe engineer to run on a fully hydrogen gas network.
  • ‘100% Hydrogen’ boiler:
    These run solely on hydrogen and don’t need to be converted.

Three hydrogen labels in black water drop icons

Stewart Clements, director of HHIC, believes the labels will bring clarity to consumers and installers alike. 

“Decarbonising homes [gradually] will involve less disruption and minimise upfront costs, and by using Gas Safe engineers, will work with the current installer workforce,” he added.

Some manufacturers are already using the labels on their websites.

But due to stock levels and printing runs, there’s no fixed date for when manufacturer members will carry the new labels on all of their products. 

Why do we need hydrogen boilers – and what does it mean for Gas Engineers?

Hydrogen boilers are being introduced in a bid to ‘decarbonise’ gas networks.

From 2023, the UK Government wants to see hydrogen blending begin.

In 2026, it will make a decision over the prospect of converting to a 100% hydrogen gas network. 

Regardless of what the Government decides, there will still be a need for energy-efficient boilers and smart upgrades to heating systems to be installed by qualified engineers.

So the future is definitely bright for those working in the UK gas industry.

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