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Best vans for Gas Engineers

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“Get in the van, we’re going gas engineering!” But what if you don’t have a van? Like most self-employed tradespeople, Gas Engineers depend on their trusty van. 

It needs to be big enough to carry a whole bunch of tools and equipment, as well as any space-hogging parts and hardware. Reliability is a big factor too, and if it does all that and still looks cool – bonus. 

So which vans should be on the short list for a Gas Engineer? Here are just a few…

Ford Transit Custom 

A full-fat “Tranny” van might be a tad overkill for a Gas Engineer, so the slightly restrained Transit Custom is considered a more suitable choice. It doesn’t guzzle fuel, it’s dependable, and it can take pipes up to three metres long, thanks to a load-through bulkhead. 


Volkswagen Transporter 

Desirable, reliable, and easy on fuel, VW’s Transporter is a nice choice. But it doesn’t come cheap, carrying a price tag a few notches higher than the other vans on this list. 


Vauxhall Vivaro 

Super practical, friendly running costs, and carrying a nice price, the Vauxhall Vivaro is a good call for any Gas Engineer because there isn’t much it can’t take. 

Its side walls are almost the same distance apart from floor-to-roof, which means it has the ‘boxiest’ load space of any medium-sized van out there. Its two-stage load-through feature means pipes can be stored right up to the passenger footwell.

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