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Exciting News! is a Best Place to Interview on Glassdoor.

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We are excited to share that has been awarded as a Best Place to Interview on Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing job sites.

Winning this award is all thanks to feedback provided by candidates (some of whom are now employees) here at Our aim is to give the best experience possible. It’s up to our candidates what ‘best’ means so we listen to them and then get even better. We like doing that. And we’re good at it. That’s because it really matters to us; we really do care more.


How did we win?
Throughout the year, Glassdoor collects anonymously provided interview reviews from candidates, which provide a great resource for job seekers interested in working at The reviews include insights into our environment, culture and what they can expect from their first encounter.

AO doesn’ just hire anyone, we are looking for those rare creatures that challenge the oridinary. These people can achieve what others can’ because they care about doing great stuff…

Challenging the norm isn’ easy… It takes unconstrained thinking teamed with an attitude for doing what’s right. The UK needs a retailer that champions their wishes and offers them an experience they deserve. Upping the game and evolving with your customer means there is always a better way.


Thank you
Thank you to everyone who has shared a review on Glassdoor about what it’s like to work here, which helps us reach potential new employees and tell the world this is an awesome place to work.

Winning this award proves that recruiting against your values and focusing on the experience people have with your company is key. #ChallengeTheOrdinary

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