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1 in 4 UK homes contain dangerous gas appliances

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Kitchen with gas cooker

One in four UK homes contain potentially dangerous gas appliances, including boilers, cookers and gas fires, a new study from the Gas Safe Register has found.

That works out at almost seven million UK homes. Left unchecked, these faults could be deadly if they sparked gas leaks, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or explosions.

Research from the Gas Safe Register shows one in three people (31%) have used excuses to put off having their home gas appliances safety checked.

This despite 79% saying they would never make excuses if their loved ones’ safety was at risk.

Some of the far fetched excuses used by people skipping gas safety checks include: 

  • ‘The parrot doesn’t like gas fitters’
  • ‘I used a wine bottle cork to stop gas coming out of the wall’ 
  • ‘I just open the window if it starts smelling of gas’
  • ‘I didn’t think gas was dangerous’ 

These shocking findings were underlined in a bid to urge Brits to stop making excuses for ignoring safety as part of Gas Safety Week, which takes place 12-18 September in 2022.

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