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Chris has a long Huawei to go

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Chris Lewis, a 42 year old ex-serviceman from Swansea, is currently undertaking a 14,000km charity walk around the UK’s coastline.

His aim is to raise £100,000 for the charity that helped him so much when he returned to civilian life after his time as a soldier.

Starting his journey way back in August 2017, Chris has been struggling along with an old mobile phone as his only form of communication.

When we caught wind of this, we knew our AOMobile team would be up to the task of getting a new mobile to him, regardless of the inhospitable location he’d be walking in – at the time, this happened to be Scotland’s Orkney Islands, of which two thirds are uninhabited. Eek.

In true indomitable AO fashion, we weren’t going to let a few bumpy roads get in the way of supporting a good cause.

To put a long story short, here’s a picture of Chris with his brand new Huawei mobile courtesy of AO:

By going the extra mile to hook Chris up with a brand new mobile phone, we’ve made his epic journey that little bit more comfortable.

Chris has already raised an incredible £67,000 for the armed forces charity SSAFA. We were happy to help him however we could and we wish him all the best of luck with the rest of his journey. #aoletsgo