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AO’s Cricket Day by Dave Ashwell (Logistics MD)

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It was a cold and rainy English summer’s day – which meant there was only one thing to do, and that’s play cricket!  So off we went to the second annual partner’s day at the cathedral of Lancashire cricket – The Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground.

Last year we were beaten finalists, but this year we were determined to go one better.

Our opponents were teams from Heineken (who we thrashed last year) Emirates (Old Trafford), Emirates Airlines, Kukri and AJ Bell. But whilst the faces were familiar, the format was a little different as the weather meant we had to start out at the indoor arena, playing a version of indoor cricket.

We discussed our tactics (score runs and don’ get out!) and started against Heineken. They must hate us now, because after some fab innings and some great fielding from the entire team, we smashed them for the second year in a row. So it was 1 down, 2 to play.

Next up was Emirates, and they absolutely pulverized us! It was tough, but there was some amusement at one point as someone managed to get one ball to hit one of our guys somewhere rather delicate. Much chuckling could be heard. It was 2 down and 1 to play.

Next we played AJ Bell in a ‘win at all costs’ match that would take place after lunch on the main pitch.  At last, a proper game that would prove too much more suited to the finely honed athletes on our team (ha-ha). Our first bowler decided it would be a good idea to let their inexperienced opening batsman know that he played three times a week and could bowl at about 80 miles per hour. This tactic resulted in an easy and inevitable first wicket for no runs. We were on top and remained there throughout their innings.

There was elation because we had won! But that was quickly followed by disappointment as we were also out – courtesy of our loss to Emirates.

Oh well, there is always next year.

But it was a great day and the AO team were amazing, as usual. They performed brilliantly despite facing much stiffer competition than last year. Well done to everybody who took part.