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AOers prep for Blue Monday like a boss

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The third Monday in January has been named Blue Monday due to a combination of post-Christmas stress, those cold and dark nights spent indoors and us basically being extremely short on money. We asked our AOers how they plan to battle the blues on the 15th and we want to share the wealth.

If you feel down in the dumps this month, try these little tricks to cheer yourself up. They’re tried and tested, especially those moments of mindfulness.

Listen to upbeat music


Finish that thing you have been putting off for ages


Visit the AO Spa for a massage


Wear your best power suit


Start the day with a motivational quote

Take your work bestie and play some table tennis


Have a change of scenery and go for a team lunch


At the end of the day, write a list of things you’ve learnt


Go for a walk and clear your mind

Take some time to play on work’s PS4


Give everyone who helps you a heartfelt thank you


Visit the on site hair dresser – new hair, new you

Don’t email people, go and speak to them


Take that gym class before you start work

Take 10 minutes to focus on yourself

Help yourself to the free chocolate

Enjoy some office banter with your work besties


Talk to your team


And remember.. We love you x