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AO wins Shop Award 2020 for “unmatched service”

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This year, Internet World Business presented its Shop Awards for the 10th time.

We’re very proud to have taken home the award for ‘Best Customer Service’. We’re even more pleased as this was specific to our operations in Germany (

As the only electronics retailer included in the category, we were up against some strong competition from bicycle retailer Rose Bikes and the premium meat retailer Gourmetfleisch.


Here’s a quote from the article included in the current edition of Internet World Business (5/20):

“Already at the start of Germany six years ago, the British white goods user AO had shaken up the market with its uncompromising focus on customer service. […] On request, the devices can be set up and connected professionally and with complete digital documentation, and the highly competent installers still have time for friendly instruction.

“This level of service remains unmatched in the German e-commerce market, particularly in the white goods sector. That is why AO now sees itself as a service provider and offers its services to competitors. There should be sufficient demand there.”


After we finished second in 2019, we worked hard to come first this year. We succeeded because we continued to improve our performance across all departments. This time in particular, the performance of our people delivering to our customers and raising the bar on customer experience.

A great achievement for all involved – AO Let’s Go!