AO Jobs


Home to our Sales Force, Brand and Marketing teams

Our Manchester hub

At AO Manchester, we’ve created an environment that encourages our AOers. A professional and exciting space for our sales force, paired with a collaborative and innovative space for our Brand and Marketing teams. It’s a place where different minds can come together and see sparks fly. Teams can knock ideas around easily, grab a free breakfast, snacks or drinks and enjoy a stimulating environment.

The Multimedia Office

Manchester is home to our Multimedia team, which includes 3D Modellers, Animators, After Effects, Video Editing and more.

Pixel Park

Each floor has its own tea point where you can grab a free breakfast, snacks and drinks.

Award-winning sales team

Manchester is home to our award-winning outbound sales force. We were crowned Best Sales Team and Best Sales Employer in the 2018 Besma awards.

Award-winning IT team

Manchester is also home to our award-winning IT department. We were crowned winners of the Avecto challenge at Hack Manchester 2018.

Collaboration Station

A place to chat, encourage each other and celebrate.

The Games Room

Everyone needs the chance to unwind and enjoy themselves at work. We offer an online gaming space for our AOers to encourage a ‘work hard, play hard’ environment.

A space full of character

Our AOers in Multimedia have made a lot of effort to ensure the space they have is filled with personality. You can’t go far without spotting a creative anime or character hanging around the office.

3D Modelling

Our Modellers and Animators are tasked with creating, a realistic experience for our customers, using Cinema 4D.

Render Farm

With our state-of-the-art rendering farm, we can deliver quickly and efficiently.

Innovation Lab

When you hire people that like to challenge the ordinary, you need to give them a space where they can innovate and share ideas easily. Welcome to the Innovation Lab.


Our Multimedia Team are busy implementing technology that will offer our customers an experience, using augmented and virtual reality.