Our extensive range of development programmes and courses, and our focus on development means that there’s something available for everyone.

People choose to work at AO because they’re passionate about what they do and they love the pace and energy of the business. We want to make sure that this passion stays ignited and that boundaries are constantly pushed. Therefore we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to learn and develop to become better at what they do.

  • Induction

    From the moment you accept your job offer, we’ll start to provide you with all the essential information you need to know to get you started.

    On Day 1, we deliver a friendly ‘AO Hello’ welcome to the business, followed by workshop-style sessions within the first couple of months, all designed to help you live and breathe our Values and understand how all areas of the business fit together to make AO.

  • Specialist Training

    Our business is full of experts and specialists.

    Technical Training
    If you find yourself constantly searching Google on how to get the best out of Excel, then you’ll be able to save yourselves stacks of time by having training on what you really need to know.

    Call Centre Teams
    If you work in the Call Centre, we’ll make sure you have plenty of Product training, which continues long after your induction. After all, our customers want to speak to people who know and care about what we deliver.

    Warehouse Teams
    We also have a development pathway within our warehouse, focusing on getting our team to the next level in their career. With an in-house training team you'll soon be on the journey from loader to scanner, scanner to FLT, FLT to VNA.

    On the job training
    We encourage all people who work at AO to take time to master their own skills. A lot of the time the best way to do that is on the job. As AO is a very fast paced business there is such a variety of work that people get involved in. Therefore you will have the opportunity to get to learn new skills.

  • Young Talent


    We believe in growing our own talent and giving people without the highest qualifications a chance to succeed. Our Apprenticeship programme recruits school leavers to specialise in one of several business areas, whilst working towards a Diploma qualification. By the end of the 2 year programme, we offer the opportunity to become a permanent, Junior employee with us and continue on the journey to a successful career.

    Duke of Edinburgh

    Physical challenges, personal resilience, team bonding, leaping out of comfort zones...just some of the things you’ll experience if you take part in our Gold Duke of Edinburgh Business programme. In true AO fashion, we’ve taken the programme beyond its usual realms and are the first business to introduce Canoeing, and now Cycling to the expedition. The programme has already been a huge success with nearly 70 of our employees since 2013, and many of those who have taken part have been recognised for their outstanding achievements. Applications are open yearly to anyone under the age of 23.5 who has passed their probation period and is a must for all our Apprentices.