Brand & Marketing

We set the precedent for online retail – It’s all about challenging the ordinary

About the Brand & Marketing Teams 

Our teams have a clear purpose: to challenge the ordinary. We empower them with the autonomy they need to make the right decision for our customers. Having a collaborative environment is crucial, all of our teams have worked together to make the site it is today. Mastery plays a huge part in how we drive the site forward. If we’re committed to learning, we’re committed to evolving with our customer.

3D Modelling at our Digital Hub in Manchester

We have a wide range of experts at AO including Designers, Developers and Acquisition Specialists

The Brand Lab

This is our large meeting room in Bolton that allows for bigger team meetings and presentations. The walls can all be written on and wiped clean after.

Collaboration area - Bolton

This is an open space surrounded with white boards to allow for large groups to collaborate and brainstorm.

Collaboration Area - Riverside

This is an open space surrounded with white boards to allow for large groups to collaborate and brainstorm.

3D Animation / Modelling

Our Digital Hub in Manchester houses our IT checkout team and a large Multimedia team including 3D Animators and Modellers.

Work hard, play harder..

AO’ers love to have fun at work both professionally and personally. Riverside houses gaming areas that can be used to wind down and relax.

VR Technology

Our Multimedia team are embarking on Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for our AO customers.

The Innovation Lab

We like to cuddle innovation and creativity, so we dedicated a room to it in Riverside.

Rendering Farm

We invest in the tools and technologies that will ensure efficient ways of working.

Every office needs a little character

Reward and recognition

Get to know some of the Team

Cesar – 3D Modeller

I moved from London with my family to work for AO. I have never looked back, everything I have learnt since has been invaluable.

Rob – Creative Design Manager

It’s fast-paced, fun and full of experts from all different fields. There’s never a dull moment and always something new to learn.

Laura – Creative Content Manager

I love AO’s ambition and drive, and how, at the heart of it we have a lot of fun too.

Colin – UI/UX Team Manager

The feeling that i’m a driving force of something amazing gives me huge pleasure. There is an overwhelming ‘can-do’ attitude amongst everyone, everyday.